Proposed biogas, sorghum plant wins appeal for development

By Torrie Cope, Idaho Press.

PARMA — Treasure Valley Renewables was given the green light Monday to move forward on a proposed sorghum and biogas facility near Parma.

The company successfully appealed denials by the Canyon County Planning and Zoning Commission of its rezone, comprehensive plan map amendment and planned unit development agreement to build the facility in what was zoned for agricultural.

The Canyon County Commissioners approved the appeal of the rezone and plan amendment at an earlier meeting in a 2-1 vote. It also approved the appeal for the planned unit development agreement Monday in the same 2-1 split — Commissioners Tom Dale and Steve Rule voted in favor and Commissioner Pam White opposed.

The planned unit development agreement is required by the county to allow the manufacturing or production of hazardous chemicals or gasses.

“There’s a tremendous amount of things that still have to be done, but we’re pleased that we got this done,” said Neill Goodfellow, Treasure Valley Renewables vice president.

Treasure Valley Renewables plans to build a “sustainability complex” at 27349 Shelton Road. The complex will have three parts under three separate LLCs.

Bio Ag Resources will use sorghum fiber in a pulping process to make fiber-molded plates, bowls and other products for the food industry. Boise Biogas will operate anaerobic bio methane gas digesters. This part of the complex will produce biogas and byproducts that will result in fertilizer, compost and livestock bedding.

Finally, DualFuel Technology will clean and compress the biogas so it can be delivered through a pipeline for retail sale, but the gas will not be stored on site, according to the application.

The complex is expected to create 75 jobs.