American Environmental Landfill & Montauk Energy donate $37,500 to Elementary School

By Rachel Snyder, Sand Springs Leader.

Anderson Elementary School received an initial $37,500 gift Thursday as part of a partnership between American Environmental Landfill and Montauk Energy to generate money for the school through the sale of electricity.

The landfill captures methane gas from the decomposing trash and converts that into electricity via generators.

American Environmental Landfill Vice President of Operations Todd Green said their partnership with Montauk Energy to facilitate the commercial operation of the renewable energy project will allow the companies to commit a donation of $15,000 combined annually.

“(Anderson Superintendent) Brett Banker and I have a close relationship and he came to me about the budget shortfall and asked if the landfill could help with their electric bill,” Green said. “We’re proud of our relationship with Anderson.”