Cummins Westport 'Playbook' Offers Guidance on Natural Gas for Fleets

Via HDT, Trucking Info.

Cummins Westport's new Natural Gas Playbook is a website to give new and existing natural gas customers guidance on evaluating and operating CWI-powered natural gas vehicles.

Located at, the five-step Natural Gas Playbook features information and tips on how to assess, specify, prepare, implement, and operate/maintain a CWI-powered natural gas fleet. The website provides answers for fleets that have questions about operating natural gas vehicles.

The Natural Gas Playbook answers questions such as:

  • What is natural gas and how does it reduce fleet emissions?
  • Can I calculate the emission reductions with natural gas?
  • What are zero carbon renewable fuels?
  • How do natural gas engines operate, and what about my application and the operational costs and maintenance requirements?