Milwaukee Metro Sewage approves 20-year biogas deal with Waste Management at Wisconsin landfill

By Don Behm, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Landfill gas from the Metro landfill in Franklin will begin flowing to the Jones Island sewage treatment plant in the summer of 2019, as part of a revised agreement approved Monday by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District's commission.

Waste Management of Wisconsin will be the district's second supplier of landfill gas — a lower cost fuel than natural gas — to power the plant and dry Milorganite fertilizer, after connections are completed in two years.

Metro is across S. 124th St. from the district's first supplier, Advanced Disposal Service's Emerald Park landfill in Muskego. The landfill is north of County Line Road.

Contaminants will be removed from Metro's landfill gas before it is piped to Emerald Park and blended with the fuel supply there, officials said. Concentrations of water vapor, hydrogen sulfide and silicon particles in the gas must be reduced before the fuel is burned at Jones Island.

MMSD will be responsible for designing, constructing and operating the landfill gas treatment plant, compressors and meters to be built on Metro property, under the agreement. Cost of the plant is estimated at $11 million, officials said.