Stratford, Ontario city council votes to consider energy recovery facility that would convert organic waste to biogas

By Megan Stacey, Stratford Beacon Herald.

Kitchen scraps could soon be making the City of Stratford some serious dough.

Potential plans to construct a facility that would turn organic waste into renewable natural gas came before city council earlier this week. In a unanimous decision, councillors gave the city the green light to enter into an informal partnership with two agencies to look at building a facility that would produce renewable natural gas.

“This is an interesting project. It's a partnership between the city, the Ontario Clean Water Agency...and General Electric Water and Process Technologies,” director of infrastructure and development services Ed Dujlovic said at the council meeting.

Organic waste would be converted to biogas, which could then be “cleaned” and purchased by Union Gas.

“It's GE technology that they actually have working in England, it's a process called hydrolysis where they take organics, use the anaerobic digester that we already have, and increase the efficiency of creating methane gas. From that, they can clean it, and put that back into the natural gas system,” explained Dujlovic.

Environmental regulations that are impacting companies and municipalities make this type of facility a real area of focus, he added.