SEaB to provide onsite anaerobic digestion system for US naval base

By Sandra Sassow, Bioenergy Insight Magazine.

SEaB Energy has won a contract to supply the State of California Energy Commission with Flexibuster, an innovative waste-to-energy system.

The agreement comes as part of a four year research programme into sustainable energy generation from food waste. The project aims to “demonstrate and evaluate environmentally and economically sustainable food waste biomass to electricity systems”.

Flexibuster is Southampton, UK, based SEaB Energy’s innovative decentralised anaerobic digestion system. Converting food waste to biogas, anaerobic digestion facilities are generally large scale and centralised. Although they enable energy recovery and reduce GHG emissions through processing food waste, they require the expensive and carbon emitting transportation of the food waste from its point of origin to the AD facility. Flexibuster, however, is a de-centralised and onsite solution, removing the need for waste transportation.