Trump spokesman skirts specifics on climate actions

By Robin Bravender, E&E News Reporter.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer today declined to offer details about the Trump administration's plans to tackle Obama administration climate policies.

President Trump has said he'll eliminate the Clean Power Plan, an Obama rule to slash greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. Some of his supporters are hoping Trump's team will go even further by eliminating the so-called endangerment finding that underpins U.S. EPA's authority to crack down on greenhouse gases using the Clean Air Act.

Asked today at a press briefing whether Trump plans to revoke the Clean Power Plan or the endangerment finding, Spicer said broadly, "We're in the process of reviewing all of our energy policies."

Trump, Spicer added, "has been very clear with respect to energy policy that he wants to review all of the options that we have to use our natural resources to better the country in terms of wind power, solar, clean coal."

And he took the opportunity to criticize Senate Democrats for slowing down confirmations of Trump's nominees.