U.S. Gain hires Mike Bolin as West Coast Business Development Manager

Via USGasVehicles.com.

U.S. Gain, a division of U.S. Venture, Inc., has hired Mike Bolin as a business development manager to oversee current and future opportunities on the west coast in a continuing effort to grow the GAIN Clean Fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) network.

In this position, Bolin will be responsible for continued education to fleets on the benefits of natural gas as a transportation fuel and the various options to access it using Gain’s current network, as well as building out customized solutions throughout the western region of the United States.

“Mike brings more than four decades of fleet knowledge, strategic foresight and customer contacts to our business,” said U.S. Gain President Mike Koel. “He’s a true thought leader, and we’re excited for him to join our team.”