VNG Presents Bold Vision for Major Reductions in Greenhouse Emissions and Petroleum Dependence Through Development of Natural Gas Vehicle Market

BLUE BELL, Pa., Sept. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- In comments submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation, and the California Air Resources Board, natural gas fueling station developer VNG outlined a vision for ways in which natural gas vehicles (NGVs) can provide long-term fuel cost savings for light-duty vehicle drivers while delivering game-changing reductions in greenhouse emissions and petroleum dependency – particularly for light trucks and pickups. These comments address significant omissions in the Draft Technical Assessment Report (TAR) recently released by the agencies, which focuses almost entirely on progress with gasoline and electric vehicles while missing the dramatic transformations already underway for NGVs.

The potential benefits of NGVs can be grouped under four major headings:

  1. NGVs Are An Ideal Alternative for Light Trucks: Pickups and other light trucks account for over 50% of light-duty vehicle sales, but there are not expected to be any electric pickups for the foreseeable future due to the weight and cost added by battery systems. By contrast, NGVs are a proven low-emission alternative for pickups, and leading NGV manufacturers are pursuing engine designs to yield even lower emissions and greater efficiency by taking advantage of the high-octane, clean-burning properties of compressed natural gas (CNG). 
  2. Game-Changing Emissions from Renewable Natural Gas: