57 Producers and Related Business Associations Say LCFS Policy is Working and Generating Jobs

By Calstart, Inc.

Nearly 60 producers and providers of clean fuels – ranging from electricity to renewable diesel – signed a joint letter urging state policymakers to sustain the state’s low carbon fuel policy. The industry leaders say the tool is a “critical” part of the plan to reduce California’s greenhouse gases and that it is already driving in-state investment.

The companies backing the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and signing the letter range from the state’s largest natural gas utility to a company providing electric vehicle chargers to companies producing biodiesel in California. All of these businesses and fuel providers indicate that the LCFS is working as planned and encouraging the production of cost-effective, cleaner, lower carbon fuels. 

The LCFS calls for reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuels 10 percent by 2020. The measure was developed and enacted as a result of an Executive Order issued by former California Governor Schwarzenegger. A legal challenge resulted in a significant delay in the implementation of the policy but since the Air Resources Board re-adopted the policy in 2015, it has been driving investment and innovation.  


View the letter HERE.