Crane Mountain tests technology to recover more methane gas

By Sarah Trainor, CBC News.

New technology to extract landfill gas will soon be tested at Saint John's Crane Mountain landfill.

The landfill already generates electricity using methane gas collected from wells drilled into decaying trash.

But the current setup has its challenges, said Marc MacLeod, general manager of the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission.

"Those wells flood with water, or leachate, that's what it's called once it touches the garbage," MacLeod said Thursday on Information Morning Saint John. "So if you have 20 feet of exposed well where you can suck out the gas, the majority of wells are filled with 10 feet of water.

"So instead of having that 20 feet of exposure in the garbage you only have 10. This technology is meant to pull that extra garbage out."