China Will Start the World's Largest Carbon Trading Market

By John Fialka, ClimateWire, via Scientific American.

When it comes to learning about emissions trading, China has had a leg up.

The world's leading emitter of greenhouse gases has spent 15 years scouting the globe to learn from the mistakes of other nations and find the best ways to build a trading system of its own, which could become the world's largest.

One of China's earliest mentors was Dan Dudek, an agricultural economist and vice president of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) who, early in his career, got into an argument with its president, Fred Krupp, over whether China might be a big piece of the puzzle the group was exploring: Was there a way to use economics, rather than politics and regulations, to shift the world's businesses away from polluting the environment toward protecting it and to reward low-cost innovations that do that?