Automotive, Energy Leaders Emphasize CNG Role in Energy Transition

By Lauren Tyler, NGT News. 

Gazprom and Audi, in partnership with Volkswagen, jointly held an energy conference focused on the contributions that natural gas; biomethane; and synthetic, renewable methane can make to foster the energy transformation in the mobility sector.

According to Gazprom, whose main business activities include the storage and trading of natural gas and natural gas for transport, all of the invited experts from the business, academia and media industries concluded that these low-carbon, methane-containing energy sources have been neglected far too much by policymakers in Germany.

Jens Andersen, group representative for natural gas mobility at Volkswagen AG, stated that the term “natural gas” still has a much-too-negative connotation for many people. He added that just the use of natural gas in road transport has considerable advantages for the environment, the economy and the driver, yet the ecological potential of compressed natural gas (CNG) mobility is far greater through the use of biomethane and synthetic methane from power-to-gas plants.