Use of clean energy by 1.3 billion people can save $ 27 billion: NGO Climate Group

By PTI, The Economic Times.

NEW DELHI: Non-profit organisation Climate Group today said the use of clean energy like solar power by 1.3 billion people without electricity across the world could save them $ 27 billion. 

"The Climate Group calculates that if the innovative business and finance model identified by the project was scaled up to cover all the 1.3 billion people in the world who currently have no access to electricity, the world's poor would be $27 billion better off," the organisation said in a press r .. 

According to the Global Off-grid Lighting Association's estimates, they currently spend an estimated $30 billion per year buying kerosene for lighting purposes. However, lighting bills from solar micro-grids, home lighting systems and hand-held lighting systems are known to be over 90 per cent cheaper.