Renewable Natural Gas Champion Joanna Underwood Honored by NGVA

By Fuel Marketer News.

Joanna Underwood, president of the non-profit Energy Vision, was honored on Sept. 15 with a lifetime achievement award from NGVAmerica, a national organization promoting natural gas as a clean, domestic, safe and abundant transportation fuel. A pioneering figure in the environmental movement since the early 1970s, Underwood was an early champion of natural gas as an alternative vehicle fuel. In recent years, she has been a prominent advocate of the renewable form of natural gas (RNG) made from organic waste.

The NGV Achievement Awards recognize recipients for “outstanding leadership, vision and innovation” in advancing natural gas as a transportation fuel. Award winners are selected from nominations submitted by the NGVA membership, which consists of more than 230 companies, environmental groups, and government organizations. At the awards ceremony in Denver today, more than 500 natural gas industry leaders gathered from across the U.S. to honor this year’s winners.

“It’s very gratifying to be recognized by this distinguished group,” said Underwood. “And it’s heartening to see from this gathering how robust the natural gas vehicle field has become. It wasn’t so long ago that natural gas vehicles were a newly minted alternative concept. Today, they’re becoming mainstream, and natural gas is evolving into a renewable, scalable transportation fuel.”