The Dairy Farmer and the Digester

By Aryeal Jackson, Ithaca Times.

If you tell people from Candor that you're going to see a dairy farmer about poop they might say, “Oh, you mean Bob Aman?” Aman was green before green was trendy. He’s invested in renewable energy for over 40 years. His manure digester produces biogas that powers his entire farm.

In 1977 Aman invested $250,000 in a manure digester to produce electricity for his farm and reduce the odor from spreading manure on his fields. Aman said, “What we have is deep green electricity.”

Aman’s father built the farm on Kelsey Road in 1944, just three miles from where Bob Aman has his dairy cows. He, and now his son Aaron, run the original farm and the dairy farm on Foote Crossing Road.