Milwaukee biogas project uses hotel and casino food waste

By Recycling Today Staff.

Ten chopper pumps from Cary, North Carolina-based Landia are playing a vital role in the success of the FCPC Renewable Generation LLC’s biodigester plant in Milwaukee. Greenfire Management Servics LLC managed the development of the facility for FCPC RG LLC, which is operated under contract by Natural Systems Utilities (NSU).

Designed with an external knife system to prevent large solids from entering the casings, the Landia chopper pumps handle incoming food waste at the $18.5M biogas project, which supports the FCPC’s goal of using renewable, carbon-neutral resources to become energy self-sufficient. 

Located adjacent to the FCPC’s Potawatomi Hotel and Casino in the Menomonee Valley, the plant treats up to 120,000 gallons per day of high strength wastes, producing up to 2MW of electricity (enough to power 1,500 homes). The Landia chopper pumps work 24/7 to handle a wide variety of solid and liquid waste from numerous local food and beverage manufacturers. Generating 7.7 million British thermal units per hour of heat. Excess amounts are also used to provide hot water for the two anaerobic digesters, as well as the hotel.