APEC Member States Plan To Double Share Of Renewable Energy By 2030

By Smiti Mittal, Clean Technica.

Regional forums of cooperation among countries are actively taking up matters of sustainable energy as the world looks to turn its attention to the COP21 climate change summit in Paris. 

The 21-member states of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) have announced that they would take measures to double the share of renewable energy in the overall energy mix by 2030. The announcement was made at the APEC Energy Ministers’ meeting held in Philippines on 13 October 2015. 

The ministers stated that their governments would accelerate and encourage the development of renewable energy technologies. However, they also recognized that several members countries still have developing economies and need to use all technologies to fuel their economic growth. Thus, the joint statement by the ministers also mentions the use of nuclear power, advanced coal-based power, and natural gas-based power technologies.