FACT SHEET: US EPA Clean Power Plan Notice of Data Availability

By US Environmental Protection Agency.

Since proposing the Clean Power Plan in June, EPA has heard a wide range of ideas and issues that states, stakeholders, and the public have raised concerning the proposed Clean Power Plan to cut carbon pollution and fight climate change. 

This Notice of Data Availability (NODA) provides additional information on certain issues that have been consistently raised by a diverse set of stakeholders. EPA is issuing this NODA to ensure that all stakeholders and the public are aware of these issues and can consider them as they comment on the proposed Clean Power Plan.

In this NODA, EPA discusses several issues that have been raised by stakeholders, including:

  1. The trajectory – or glide path – of emission reductions from 2020 to 2029;
  2. Aspects of the way building blocks are established; and
  3. The way the state goals are calculated.