What's in Store for Natural Gas Vehicles, Post-Election 2014?

By Joseph Bebon, NGT News.

"In case you haven't heard, we had an election," quipped Richard Kolodziej, senior advisor at NGVAmerica, during the opening plenary session of last week's North American NGV Conference and Expo in Kansas City. He said the midterm election results, which handed control of Congress over to Republicans, represented a major change for politics in Washington and could greatly affect the natural gas vehicle industry. Furthermore, a panel of NGV sector leaders later offered their outlook for some key legislation.

Kolodziej kicked off an early part of the opening session titled "Below the Beltway - A Look at Post-Election Washington." It started with what seemed like a more-lighthearted version of CNN's old show "Crossfire," during which a liberal and conservative pundit would often debate a specified topic.