June 28, 2018

Increased Focus on Renewable Natural Gas at World Gas Conference 2018

Washington, DC – Two speakers from the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition) and release of a new whitepaper are helping highlight the increased focus on biogas-derived renewable natural gas (RNG) at this week’s 27thWorld Gas Conference, WGC 2018.

RNG Coalition CEO and co-founder Johannes Escudero speaks today, June 28, on Renewable Natural Gas as a Global Opportunity

“Redeeming our organic waste-streams by converting them to renewable natural gas epitomizes sustainability,” said Escudero.  “Increased RNG development, deployment and use leads to greater adoption of the renewables we use to drive, heat and power homes and businesses, while ensuring the reliability of our electric grid and decarbonizing our gas distribution systems,” he added.

RNG Coalition Director of Federal Legislative Affairs, Anne Steckel, spoke June 27 on the topic of the new whitepaper released by the organization at WGC 2018: “Challenges and Opportunities for Increased Development and Utilization of Renewable Natural Gas.” 

“Production and use of renewable natural gas has the long-term potential to make up a significant portion of our natural gas consumption, while making a long-term environmental impact by reducing emissions and making our energy production and use more sustainable,” said Steckel.

The conference program’s increasing spotlight on RNG mirrors the increased growth in industry production in the WGC 2018 host country.  In April, the RNG Coalition released a new map and database of RNG production facilities in North America, which reveals thatthere are now at least 77 operational North American facilities in the U.S. and Canada, representing over 85% growth from the 41 projects built between 1982 and 2014. 

The World Gas Conference is held every three years.  This year’s conference is themed Fueling the Future and marks the first time the global gas industry event has been held in a country that is both the world’s largest gas consumer and gas producer.

About the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas

The RNG Coalition is the trade association representing over 130 companies and organizations dedicated to the advancement of RNG, including as an ultra-clean, domestically-produced, renewable fuel in North America.  The RNG industry captures and converts methane (raw biogas) emitted by and captured from organic waste streams – such as those from wastewater treatment facilities, landfills, livestock and agricultural digesters, and commercial food waste facilities – and converts the biogas into RNG.  RNG is fully fungible with conventional natural gas, and is used as a direct substitute for most commercial, industrial and residential natural gas applications. 

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