Leadership Level Membership

$25,000 Annual Dues

60% Tax Deductible 

Payable in Quarterly Installments of $6,250* 


Click here for a downloadable, print-friendly version of Coalition Membership Eligibility & Benefits, or scroll down and continue to read below.



  • Entities with gross annual revenue in excess of $5 million are only eligible for Leadership Level Membership.
  • Entities with less than $5 million gross annual revenue may apply for Leadership Level Membership.** 


  • First to Receive Real-Time Updates on Coalition, Industry & Member, Federal, State-wide Administrative, Legislative, Regulatory & Political activity and information, including but not limited to:
    • Direct Access to Email Communication, Correspondence with & from Executive Staff, Board of Directors, General Membership & Partner Organizations
    • Members-only RNG Updates
  • Participation in Coalition Conference Calls & Working Groups
  • Coalition Leadership:
    • VOTE in and RUN for Election of Nonprofit Executive Board of Directors positions
    • Advisory Board Membership
  • Host or Sponsorship Opportunities for Annual Conference, which may include:
    • Leadership roles in RNG Conference
    • Advertisement on Promotional Materials & Conference Signs
    • Booth Space
  • Invitation to Membership Reception & Dinner, including:
    • VIP access
    • Discounted Lodging
    • Extra Networking Opportunities
  • Invitation to ALL Coalition Events & Meetings, including Legislative & Regulatory Activity

*Quarterly payments are $6,250; A service fee of 3% will be added to all member dues paid online

**Biogas and or other Renewable Energy Developers, Gas or Electric Power Marketers, Traders, Transporters, Brokers, Transportation Fuel Companies, Manufacturers, Equipment Suppliers, Technology and other Service Providers and Solid Waste companies representing gross annual revenue in EXCESS of five million ($5M) are ONLY eligible for the Coalition Leadership membership tier ($25,000). Investor & Public Owned Utilities, Municipal Solid Waste Companies, Engineering Firms, Labor & Employment Organizations, Environmental Advocates, Financial Institutions and Law Firms are also eligible, regardless of annual revenue.