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RNG Coalition Directors look to Finance & Development Advisory Board members for finance and development questions and coordinate best practices and public education efforts related to RNG financial markets, contracts and various financing mechanisms. An RNG Coalition Member in good standing may enroll one individual to represent their company on the RNG Finance & Development Advisory Board.

Bill Edmonds - Northwest Natural, Director, Environmental Management & Sustainability

Casey Holsapple - Kinetrex Energy, VP, RNG Development & Government Affairs

Mark Holmstedt - Westhoff, Cone & Holmstedt, Owner

Doug Lamb - McGuireWoods, Partner

Craig Murphy - Brightmark Energy, Senior Director, Origination

Bryan Nudelbacher - U.S. Gain, Director of Business Development, RNG

Rex Parappilly - Xebec Adsorption, Manager, Business Development & Strategy

Jerry Peters - Energy Power Partners, Founding Managing Partner

Aiden Renaghan - DTE Biomass Energy, Associate, DTE Power & Industrials

Bas Van Berkel - BerQ RNG, CEO

Josh West - The Energy Authority, Manager, Analytics

Evan Williams - Cambrian Energy, President


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