2013 Annual Priorities

Open new and expand existing renewable natural gas (RNG) markets. Help our member companies maximize profitability by advocating for new market opportunities., whether for electricity, thermal heat generation or transportation fuel purposes.

Pursue favorable, stable and predicable policies with concentrated focus. Continue to develop national relationships and credibility in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and beyond.

Seize opportunities to actively participate in the Federal and State legislative and or regulatory processes, as necessary. Be proactive.

Establish the California RNG market for bio-methane produced in-State. Ensure successful implementation of AB 1900 (Sponsored by the Coalition in 2012) by participating in the regulatory process with OEHHA, CARB, CPUC, CEC and CalEPA. Work together with stakeholders to ensure safe, reasonable and feasible pipelines specifications.

Assist Coalition members with transition per AB 2196. Work with the CEC to regain and expedite certainty.

Help foster new opportunities for growth in the uses of RNG as a transportation fuel. Keep our members informed about changes in RIN and REC policy. Promote the benefits of RNG to California businesses as a low carbon alternative and low hanging solution to LCFS.

Respond to specific member needs. Serve our members by bringing the collective voice and resources of the Coalition to their aid as needed.