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Argus Webinar - US Biofuels and RINs Outlook: One nation under Trump

11:00 AM Eastern / 8:00 AM Pacific

Presented by Paul Niznik, Consultant – Energy& Zander Capozzola, Editor – Biofuels

What can really change and how will markets react to a new administration?

Uncertainty remains when it comes to potential changes in RFS and biofuels policies under the new administration. Volatility in RINs markets is reaching peak levels, and an expired biodiesel tax credit is looming over the markets. Meanwhile, fuel demand is called into question as fuels economy standards might be on the chopping block. 

Join Argus as we discuss:

  • The status of the RIN bank & update on 2016 compliance
  • What is the fate of the Biodiesel Blender Tax Credit?
  • Policy shifts from new department leadership: Pruitt, Tillerson, Icahn and That-Dancing-With-The-Stars-Guy
  • CAFÉ, RFS, Border Adjustment Tax: Which changes will matter most?
  • 2017 compliance strategies
  • RINs price outlook